Drill technician

We are currently looking for a drill technician for our client Agnico-Eagle Amaruq division, Nunavut.

Job description:

Under the direction of his foreman, the mechanic will be assigned responsibilities for the inspection, modification, repair, improvement and maintenance of drilling equipment.

The main tasks that will be entrusted to him are:

  • Planning and carrying out the work;
  • Detection and repair of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic problems;
  • Occasional welding work;
  • Reading plans and preventive maintenance;
  • The choice and installation of components.

Working conditions and benefits:

  • Permanent full-time position;
  • Work schedule of 14 working days, followed by 14 days off. The work shifts are 12 hours, alternating day and night;
  • Fly-in / Fly-out: Workers can take the plane at Mirabel airport or at Val-d'Or airport;
  • Accommodation provided as well as food;
  • Air travel allowance paid for entering and leaving the site;
  • Tools and work equipment supplied on the mine site;
  • Salary depending on experience, between $85,000 and $125,000 annually, including rate and a half. After the probationary period (minimum of 6 months), it is possible to be hired by the mine directly. At that time, your salary will be increased by 25% and you will access to the social benefit plan of the client;
  • Rate and a half for hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week, for work performed on Saturday and Sunday as well as on statutory holidays;
  • Group insurance and pension plan; ·
  • Work clothing allowance

Number of vacancies 2
Categories Mechanic



  • Have professional diploma in mobile machinery mechanic or have a college diploma in mechanic;
  • Have a minimum of 5 years of experience with an original equipment dealer (OEM);
  • Have a minimum of 5 years Epiroc drilling equipement;
  • Having the “Red Seal” qualification is an asset with HD equipment technician or truck and coach journeyman titles;
  • Be able to read mechanical plans and have knowledge of hydraulics, electricity and welding;
  • Have aptitudes for research work and for teamwork;
  • Agree to work on rotating shifts;
  • Having worked in the mining industry is an asset.

  • Bilingual


  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Group insurance
  • Simplified Pension Plan (SPP)
  • Transportation allowance
  • Work clothing allowance
  • Training at work
  • Lodge and fed at the mining site
  • Free gym


AEM Nunavut (Meadowbank/Amaruq/Méliadine)

Travailler chez LJL Mécanique, c’est rejoindre une équipe dynamique d’experts dans le domaine minier.

Depuis plus de 30 ans, LJL Mécanique est LA porte d’entrée dans le domaine minier. C’est aussi vous offrir l’opportunité d’intégrer une industrie en plein essor en bâtissant votre réputation et en laissant votre marque chez nos clients! 

En plus d’offrir des emplois de qualité, LJL Mécanique vise à offrir une stabilité d’emploi en permettant à nos employés d’appliquer directement sur des postes de la mine après une période de probation.

Notre client, Agnico-Eagle division Nunavut (projets Meadowbank et Amaruq), est situé dans le district de Kivalliq au Nunavut, à environ 300 kilomètres à l’ouest de la baie d’Hudson et à 110 kilomètres au nord de Baker Lake. La mine d’or à ciel ouvert Meadowbank est la première mine qu’Agnico-Eagle a exploitée dans le Bas-Arctique du Canada. La découverte et la mise en valeur du gisement satellite Amaruq, situé à 50 kilomètres de la mine, ont permis de prolonger la durée de vie du complexe Meadowbank en procurant une nouvelle source de minerai à traiter.

Pour plus d'informations sur notre client : https://www.agnicoeagle.com/French/exploitations/exploitations/meadowbank/default.aspx


Working at LJL Mécanique means joining a dynamic team of experts in the mining industry.

For more than 30 years, LJL Mécanique has been THE entryway for the mining industry. It’s a great opportunity to join a booming industry while building your reputation and leaving your own mark with our customers!

In addition to quality jobs, LJL Mécanique offers job stability allowing our employees to apply directly for jobs at the mine after a probation period.

Our client, Agnico-Eagle division Nunavut (projects Meadowbank and Amaruq), is located in the Kivalliq District of Nunavut — approximately 300 km west of Hudson Bay and 110 km by road north of Baker Lake. The Meadowbank open-pit gold mine was Agnico Eagle’s first Low Arctic mine. The discovery and development of the Amaruq satellite deposit 50 km away has extended the life of the Meadowbank Complex by supplying a new source of ore to the existing Meadowbank mill.

For more information about our client : https://www.agnicoeagle.com/English/operations/operations/meadowbank/default.aspx

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, Agnico-Eagle, division Nunavut